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Wasabi Peanut Butter (500g)

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Jackpot Wasabi Peanut Butter (500g)

Created way back in 2017, we couldn't find a place for it, no one was ready for peanut butter and wasabi, until now! Not unlike cherry blossom in April, the flavour starts to bloom giving a textured balance of jackpot peanut butter...and then the wasabi.

There's a favourite movie quote on all our peanut butters: jackpot wasabi: 'The major cities of the the world are being destroyed, one-by-one by the monsters'

Our purpose, is to bring you the best product in a way that matters which, at the same time is beneficial to the target community. Our Social mission is to save independent grass roots music venues from closing down through our continued support of the Music Venue Trust and environmentally we are reducing waste through reusable packaging by partnering with TerraCycle’s ‘Loop’ distribution.


Nutritional values per 100g
Energy 2522kj/609kcal, Fat 49.2g, of which saturates 7.9g, Carbohydrates 9.4g, of which sugars 4.7g, Protein 27.9g, Fibre 8.6g, Salt 0.4g.


Jackpot is an American peanut butter, made in the UK. Made with only natural ingredients: American runner peanuts, salt, rapeseed oil.

Wasabi seasoning: (rice flour, sugar, natural flavouring (contains mustard), Spanish, yeast extract, onions, Mustard Seed, horseradish, sunflower oil, wasabi, extract of rosemary

Our peanuts are from Georgia and the Virginia’s and we are proud to be endorsed by the American Peanut Council.

Allergens in shown in bold