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Riesling, Eden Valley 2020 (75cl)

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Rag & Bone Riesling, Eden Valley 2020 (75cl)

The rationale behind this label is a quirky one! Our product manager found out that due to the tiny production of a particular wine, half the vineyard fruit was to be he stepped in to say we would be interested to play with this other half given the quality of the wine over previous years.

This lead to thinking about up-cycling the near-discarded, how one man’s trash is another man’s treasure etc and whilst humming over a potential moniker for the wine, God’s honest truth, a rag & bone van parked up outside his house calling for any old iron etc. Albeit a man in a white van, rather than horse & cart, the name stuck.

The label reflects a collection of discarded items which together make up an eclectic assortment greater than the sum of its parts.

Tasting notes

The nose classically expresses the vineyard... it's like a fresh lime crushed gently over minerals... literally lime on the rocks. The palate is bright and zingy, singing with natural acidity and vibrant citrus and floral characters. Lovely delicacy and purity of fruit lifted and a crisp, bracing finish, an outstanding example of cool climate Aussie Riesling.

Food match

Well suited to seafood dishes, spicy cuisine and anytime in the company of those who enjoy a quality riesling! Try chilli prawns, green thai curry, fish and chicken laksa (with chilli, coconut, ginger and lime).

75cl | Screwcap | 12.5% vol

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