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Golden Mullet Fury Semillon Viognier

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Alpha Box & Dice ‘Golden Mullet Fury’ Semillon Viognier

You just don’t do a “half mullet” – you have to be all in. The mullet, like skin contact white wines, has been around for millennia. Things never go out of fashion, they just get rediscovered… it’s a cycle, see? Slinky and textured in the mouth with a smooth flow across the palate and sweet tannin fanning out on the finish. It’s red wine-making applied the white wine - the blend? – Semillon and Viognier... percentages don’t matter, but the end result does... Much like the mullet!

Tasting notes
Golden Mullet Fury, the co-fermented, skin contact white wine has become a hallmark of AB&D wines. This vintage gives a more palatable approach to skin contact white wine from previous vintages, without surrendering its character or funk. It’s a blonde bombshell of capsicum, guava and butterscotch on the nose with waxy, textured, almond, spicy and rich flavours throughout your mouth.

Food match
Try with a spicy Thai fish curry, pork belly or salmon fillets (skin on).

Semillon 66% | Viognier 34% | Vegetarian | Vegan

75cl | Cork | 12.5% vol

18+ ONLY. Age verification will be needed before successful purchase.