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Flatbread Mix

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The Gluten Free bakery's multi-purpose, great tasting flatbread mix which is a 2016 Great Taste winner! You can use it for all sorts of things - flatbreads, crackers, pittas to name but a few. It is rich with roasted grain and a hint of garlic, truly delicious and hugely versatile. It just needs water, no kneading or rising required. It can be made quickly too, on a frying pan or in the oven. All you need is a mixing bowl, spatula and baking paper!

This 500g bag makes 8 pittas, or flatbreads.

About the Producer
The Gluten Free bakery have a real focus on quality and taste, all of there bread is hand-crafted using responsibly sourced ingredients. They are extremely proud of what they do at The Gluten Free Bakery.

There mission is to provide you with delicious, crusty gluten free bread and to provide a wide selection of artisan gluten free breads and baking kits. We set out to be the best gluten free bakery. Employing traditional fermentation techniques, we use the finest ancient grains to ensure our sourdough is packed with nutrients and full of flavour.