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Decaf Ground (250g)

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Perky Blenders Decaf Ground (250g)

Tasty Colombian Coffee with classic cacao and raisins notes topped with a spicy edge that reminds us of liquorice. Its not only delicious, but you can feel pure and healthy drinking decaf too. 
Similarly, to the Mountain Water Process, a solution is created by soaking green coffee in water, allowing the soluble components in the coffee to leave the beans via the water. Using carbon filters, the caffeine is removed, the green beans are discarded, leaving a solution that is supersaturated with soluble coffee components, called a GCE (Green Coffee Extract). Green coffee to be decaffeinated is then immersed in this solution.
The GCE flows over the green coffee beans and to find equilibrium, the caffeine in those coffee beans begins to migrate into the GCE. No other solubles migrate from the coffee beans, as Caffeine is the only substance preventing equilibrium and missing from the GCE solution. The GCE now contains caffeine but not for long, it flows through carbon filters that trap the caffeine molecules and is removed.
This happens continuously for 10 hours, under finely controlled andmonitored conditions, resulting in green coffee beans that are 99.9% caffeine-free and ready for roasting.