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Craft Gold (500ml)

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Hadham Gold (500ml)

The Hadham Brewery was started as a result of a discussion between two local residents and the current owner regarding the fact that Hadham is in an ancient part of Enlgand where the best malting barley in the world has been grown for hundreds of years, and yet there was no brewery?

The brewery is based at Little Hadham to allow the use of the new borehole purpose drilled into the chalk aquifer of the Ash Valley. The borehole itself is one hundred metres deep, lined, and descends through the chalk aquifer. It has been designed and installed as a potable water source close to where there has been a water source since Roman times.

A gently hoppy Citrus Character which is lightly bitter in body with a sweetness developing.

The aroma is pleasantly floral with lemon and lime and notes of pine.

Brewed with pure spring water, Maris Otter barley and Challenger, and Bobek hops. 

ABV: 3.7%